4 thoughts on “Weddings/Marriage Prep

  • kim

    Are there any current ‘classes’ or groups that gather for the pre-marriage instruction/discussion? If not, when will there be one offered?

  • Jake Nelson

    Hi Kim,

    We generally offer marriage prep on a one-on-one (or, I suppose, “one-on-couple”) basis. If you are interested in celebrating your wedding at St Michael’s, please send an e-mail to pastor@stmichaelsduluth.org to organize an initial meeting with Fr Graham, at which point we will discuss exactly how we will craft your marriage preparation program.

    Thank you!

  • Michelle

    during the consecration which my ssteir had told me she was taught for her Holy Communion, but I had never learnt. Also the fact that the dead should be prayed for between the lifting of the Host and the raising of the Chalice. Is this correct?

  • Jake Nelson

    Hi Michelle,

    Prayers for the dearly departed are included in the Eucharistic Prayer; in fact, just before raising the Host and the Chalice, the priest prays:

    “To our departed brothers and sisters and to all who were pleasing to you at their passing from this life, give kind admittance to your kingdom. There we hope to enjoy for ever the fullness of your glory through Christ our Lord through whom you bestow on the world all that is good.”

    So, we certainly remember those who have gone before us in faith during the consecration. As the prayers of the Mass are offered on behalf of all the faithful, it is certainly not NECESSARY for each individual worshiper to offer their own prayers for the dead at a particular time, but if one appreciates this custom, they are certainly welcome to practice it.

    God bless,

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