The loss of a loved one is never easy. In such a  difficult time, the Church hopes to offer support, healing, and the opportunity for prayerful reflection as families mourn and bury the dead, and prepare a fitting service for those who have passed.

To begin planning your loved one’s funeral, please contact any member of our Pastoral Staff:

Fr. Francis Kaburi — Administrator

Brian Kapp — Director of Music


St Michael’s Church Funeral

Guidelines & Practices

  • Scheduling
    Funerals are scheduled at 11:00AM or 5:00PM on Monday — Friday, or 11:00AM on Saturday. We do not schedule funerals on Sundays.
  • Burial Rite
    If the burial is local, we often move from the church in procession to the cemetery where the funeral liturgy is completed at the gravesite.  Some families choose to have the body lowered into the earth as the final prayers are said.
  • Luncheon
    Families may host a funeral luncheon in the church Social Hall following the Funeral Mass or burial. We will provide a list of local caterers for serving assistance as needed.
  • Ministers / Readers
    Catholic family members and friends may act as readers or extraordinary ministers at the funeral Mass; otherwise, the parish staff will find parishioners to fill these roles.
  • Cremation
    When a body has been cremated, the cremains may be brought to the Church for the funeral.
  • Eulogies / Remembrances
    We recommend that eulogies take place during the wake. If this is not possible, please visit with the pastor to schedule a time for a eulogy 15 or 30 minutes before Mass begins.

The Catholic Funeral Rite

  • Wake/Vigil/Visitation
    Families may wish to use the St Michael’s facilities for the wake the evening before the funeral. The wake or vigil marks an especially appropriate time for sharing memories or stories in the company of friends and family.
  • Funeral Mass
    The funeral Mass begins with a short rite of receiving the body into the church building. Family and close friends, who have followed the casket from the place of the vigil, enter in procession. Mass then proceeds as usual.
  • Readings & Music
    The Catholic funeral rite includes a set of recommended readings, which we will
    provide for those who wish to review and make selections. The staff will oversee the planning of music selections for the funeral Mass in consultation with the family.
  • Commendation & Farewell
    The final commendation and farewell take place at the end of the Mass. The casket is then processed, as the community follows, to the place of committal. Ideally, the funeral Mass transitions seamlessly into the rite of




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