Parish Nurse Ministry

Parish nursing was created as a ministry through an understanding that the church has a role in healing which has been recognized since the early days of Christianity.  The very nature of the church is to be a healing community with a holistic approach of recognizing health as encompassing body, mind and spirit.  Parish nursing is a blend of nursing and faith.  The parish nurse ministers through a faith community to individuals and families, using health education and spiritual resources to promote wellness of body, mind and spirit.

A parish nurse is a registered nurse who is committed to the healing mission of the church.  The parish nurse is a health educator, personal health advocate, facilitator of volunteers, referral source and a clarifier of the close relationship between faith and health.  The parish nurse does not provide professional hands-on care and does not replace any health or homecare services.

How can you help?  Under the direction of the parish nurse or pastor, you can help in many ways.  Here are just a few examples:  visit the homebound or a busy mother.  Offer companionship, Holy Communion, running errands, taking a person to the physician’s office, cooking a meal, or offering to relieve a care giver for a short time.  If you are a registered or licensed practical nurse, you can volunteer to assist the parish nurse with health/wellness activities such as, blood pressure screening, health counseling, visits to homebound or nursing home parishioners, help organize and run health fair for congregation and other activities as directed by the needs of the parish.  Contact Arlene Gressman R.N. Parish Nurse 525-1348.

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