Councils & Committees

St. Michael’s Parish Pastoral Council

A parish pastoral council provides a means by which the full parish can participate in discerning the mission in this particular time and place. The Pastoral council of St. Michael’s Catholic Church is comprised of the pastor, nine elected voting members, two lay trustees who are ex officio non-voting members, a representative from the finance council and St. Michael’s School who are voting members.  Members of the Pastoral council work in cooperation with the pastor to accomplish our common mission to be a Christian Community responding to the call to live and celebrate the loving Word of God in worship and action.  The council meets monthly or on an as-needed basis.

The purpose of the Council is to:
1.  Take leadership in developing goals and priorities for St. Michael’s Parish in consultation with the parish and in collaboration with the pastor.
2.  Communicate to the entire parish the of the thinking and decisions Council
3.  Empower various parish ministries to implement parish goals.
4.  Serve as a vehicle of dialogue, communication and cooperation with all parish activities and committees
5.  Annually track progress toward achieving agreed upon parish goals
Items on the pastoral Council meeting agendas usually include update reports from various standing committees working within the parish, St. Michael’s School, and the Finance Council.

Building & Grounds Commission
Evaluate, plan and develop options for the necessary major maintenance  needs of St. Michael’s Church and School facilities; including buildings and grounds.
To develop plans, quotes and bids for the major repairs, remodeling and general maintenance of the Church and School facilities.
To recommend to the Pastor, Parish and finance Councils required and needed major maintenance with projected costs based on quotes and bids obtained by the Commission.
To be available to provide labor and guidance to the development and completion of major maintenance needs.
To solicit volunteers to assist with carrying out maintenance projects.

Social Concerns Committee
The Social Concerns Committee works to ensure that the parish effectively lives out its mission of social ministry and charitable service. The committee meets twice a month, and is joined at one of these monthly meetings by the Human Trafficking Sub-Committee.

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