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Why do we sing in the liturgy?

What does it do for us?

What is the role of music in the liturgy?

Liturgy is the Church’s ritual participation in the paschal mystery of Jesus’ death and resurrection. (Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy) Through the liturgy we encounter the saving mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection and surrender our lives to its transforming power. Through the liturgy we enact Christ’s death and resurrection as present and ongoing. We identify this death and resurrection – the paschal mystery – as our mystery, as the very substance of our own life and identity. Surrendering ourselves to its transforming power is the deepest level of full, conscious, and active participation in the liturgy (CSL, 14)

To enter into singing, then, is to enter into the mystery of our own dying and rising. Singing communicates our choice to allow this mystery to transform us and our way of living. This surrender to the paschal mystery is the deepest action of the liturgy and the core of what we mean when we say that music serves the rite.

The role of music is not to entertain, not to keep us “interested” when the rite seems dry. Rather, its role is to help us surrender to the paschal mystery as it unfolds within the rite.

So… What do we sing when we gather for liturgy?

What we are singing in the liturgy, or more accurately what we are doing through our singing, is surrendering ourselves to the call of the liturgy to enter the dying and rising mystery of Christ.

The role of the assembly is special. Those in the gathered assembly are the primary enactors of the liturgy! As the primary enactors they are, therefore, also the primary music ministers.

At St. Michael’s, we have several opportunities for all people to enter deeper into music ministry – cantor, choir, instrumentalist, etc. All people are welcome! We will find a place where your talents and skills will be best utilized for music ministry.

If you are interested in this ministry, leave a reply below. We would love to hear from you!


Liturgy and Ministry Committee

This committee is newly formed as of early 2015 and is embarking on an incredible ministerial journey for the betterment of our parish. Our goal over the next year or more will be to examine each ministry at St. Michael’s, study each ministry from sacramental and spiritual perspectives, and create a foundational “theology” through which we can reform and reinvigorate each ministry. This will take time. It will NOT happen overnight, not even over a month’s time. We’re looking at something that will take a year or more if we do it correctly. This will be diligent and extremely focused work.

The committee will begin with hospitality and view each ministry through this lens. Creating a practice of hospitality not necessarily as a ‘scheduled ministry,’ but as a spiritual practice of all in our community will not be easy. But! When the committee succeeds, our community will have something that unites us on ministerial and relational grounds – strengthening us in new ways. Instead of a consequence of, let’s use hospitality as a tool for stability. Our parish needs it. Among all the change, stress, and mourning, stability in community is the only thing that will help us move forward in a healthy way. We cannot keep pushing the envelope without stability. Change for the sake of change is not healthy, but intentional change, change for a purpose, change that includes our community as a whole should be our focus. This committee will do its best to meet the needs that are so evident around us.

We have to help our community with change, not just present it to them. We need to struggle with them in grief, and rejoice in their happiness. This committee is the tool that can help us do that.

If you are interested in this ministry, leave a reply below. We would love to hear from you!!!


Art and Environment Committee

This committee is responsible for planning for and carrying out the environment of our worship space. We meet as needed and have lots of fun!

If you are interested in this ministry, leave a reply below. We would love to hear from you!