Letter from the Chair of the Parish Council


Hello all St. Michael’s Parishioners!

I’m Andrew Busam, and I am the chair of the Parish Council at St. Michael’s. In this time of sickness, anxiety, and isolation, let us remember that we are still united with each other in the Body of Christ. Though we are separated, our community of faith remains! I encourage everyone to stay in contact, reach out to each other electronically or through phone calls, and should you require assistance, please make your need known. Now is a time when the rains come and the floodwaters rise, but our house is built on stone; Jesus is our foundation, and we have a great opportunity to be His hands. 

One area that we must remember during this time is to continue to support our parish itself. Fr. Andy and the staff continue to work for our spiritual and material good, and these efforts are incredibly important in these times. Though we can’t currently attend Mass, Fr. Andy still offers up the sacrifice for us, and we can join in a spiritual communion. I encourage everyone to also not forget about the material support aspect. There is no collection plate to pass, but we can still give electronically, mail-in our support to 4901 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55804, or drop off an envelope in the parish office mailbox, near the office door.

Let us ensure that the good works continue to flow from St. Michael’s, and pray for an outpouring of grace onto all of us. Let us join our sufferings to those of Christ, and walk this road together. 

Thank you, 

Andrew Busam