Altar Servers

Young people (third grade through high school) wishing to work as servers must be willing to give of themselves in service to the Church. A seasonal sacrifice of time for training in liturgical rites and duties is necessary in addition to regular sacrifices of time by arriving early to prepare for Mass and by not leaving after Mass until all assigned duties are fulfilled. During the Mass, the server assists the priest by holding the Sacrament so the Church can pray in unison; by helping prepare the altar for Christ’s Body and Blood that the Church might partake in Him in unity; and by assisting the priest to conclude our liturgy as he cleanses the sacred vessels and clears the altar so that he might send us forth in unity to serve Christ. Servers should be seen singing, listening, and keeping good silence. They are to model the activity of the assembly. Assist at the altar during all weekend, Holy Day and Funeral Masses. Students in third grade and higher are invited to serve in this ministry. This ministry is also open to adults.

Training and on going formation is provided. For information, please contact the church office at 525-1902 or