A Message from Fr. Francis

Dear Parishioners and Worshippers at St Michael parish,

I come to you with “Amani na Neema”-Swahili words for “Peace and Grace”. I’m blood native of Kenya and proud to be called an American Citizen too. Catholicity that unites us in worship has been the bedrock of my faith journey since I was young in a family of 12. My parents who still live in rural Kenya raised 10 of us with that wisdom of
parents impacting  growth of faith in their children since we were young that ” the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom” Prov 9:10 and “if we seek the kingdom of God first, the rest will be given unto you”. Matt 6:33.

10 years ago June 1st I was called by the Bishop of Duluth then Bishop Schnurr to serve the people of Northern Minnesota as a priest. As a deacon I served at Cathedral for one year, 2 years associate pastor at Hibbing ad less than 6 months at Grand Rapids. The last almost 8 yrs have been in Walker/Hackensack areas a pastor till I got a call from our Bishop Sirba that he would like me to come and serve the people of St. Michael.

It’s with joy of that background that I come as one among you to serve as your parish priest -Administrator.
As Fr. Rich shared of my coming , my assignment by the bishop as Parish Administrator are with full rights and
obligations of a pastor under current circumstances that you are aware and I plan to move in and live in the upper rooms of church offices.

My early months I plan to have a lot of silent and engaging listening, observations and asking questions as I strive to grasp the general character of parish layout. As a priest over a decade now I have continued learning that
praying persistently, discerning all  actions and following due process in everything I do is paramount. You will see me in future having to make decisions prayerfully for the larger good of the parish. These decisions will be based on the guidelines of my appointed obligations and responsibilities aided by collaborative spirit of advisory role
parish committees play as per Diocesan guiding policies.

I ask for your patience, prayers and growth of trust in my leadership style as we move forward our parish collective vision and continue building a vibrant parish community. As Christians our deep purpose want to believe is based on each desire of bring each other closer to God through worship and service to our brothers/sisters, our neighbors in following Jesus command to do so in faith. I do recognize as per my brief orientation into the parish, your
already a vibrant community of believers who have a firm Christian history on these beautiful side of Duluth Lakeside. As for me I join you in that journey of continuous growth upon what has been laid already in this time in history as our call to keep making Christ present among those whom we encounter daily and grow closer to

I’m looking forward to starting my next decade as a parish priest among you. Please also be patient with my
Kenyan accent and heritage as I will with most of the “Duluthian” accent and heritage.  I know through experience in other parishes with time my accent is understandable in most time of conversations. I will definitely do my best as I communicate with you either one on one or from the pulpit to have an understanding of each other.


You will see me take a short break in August as had planned my retreat and visit to my parents in Kenya prior to my assignment. I will be become by end of August weekend to know and engage each other hence forth.
“Asante sana”(Thank you much) and God bless!

Peace! Fr. Francis Gikinya Kabiru
Parish Administrator-St Michael Catholic Parish-Lakeside Duluth