St Michael’s Parish
of Duluth, Minnesota:

Proclaiming the Gospel in
Word, Sacrament, and Service.

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Note from the Pastor: UPDATE ON OUR ORGAN PROJECT:

I had a pleasant conversation with our Bishop recently about our organ project. He was very complimentary of our parish efforts, noting our vision for parish life: liturgy, education, and social outreach. He appreciates that the proposal we have brought forward is the product of our parish collaboration. Finally, he has asked that I, with support from the parish staff, come again to the Presybteral Council on September 17. He will meet with his Councillors before our presentation to prepare the way for us. I have every confidence that his support will move our proposal swiftly along. While I regret our delay, I am grateful for the ongoing good will and good work of all our parishioners, and of our parish leadership and staff.

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Upcoming Events:

Sept 2-8, Father Michael Peterson, OSB
Sunday at 9:10 AM:
 "Radical Hospitality: the Way of Saint Benedict: Experiencing Christ in our Neighbor and in Ourselves."

Fr. Michael will explore the practical ways in which hospitality is the core of the gospel message and the way of Benedictine/monastic spirituality. Jesus commands, "Love your neighbor as yourself." So, Who is my neighbor?
Fr Peterson is the director of Oblates at St John's Abbey in Collegeville, MN. An oblate is a Christian who seeks God through a  formal relationship with a particular monastic community. Oblates are men or women, lay or ordained, married or single, who  seek to integrate the spirit of Saint Benedict in their daily lives.

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